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What is Supplemental Security Income?

SSI, otherwise known as Supplemental Security Income, is a federal program designed for lower-income Americans who are over the age of 65 or who suffer from a disability (regardless of age).

SSI benefits come from the Social Security Administration and are, for the most part, funded by your taxes and, in states that supplement Supplemental Security Income, from state funds. If you have limited income, are over 65, or suffering from a disability that’s making it impossible to work, SSI may be right for you. A lawyer who specializes in Social Security, like Randy Walton, can sit down with you and explain each program’s advantages and disadvantages, as well as the requirements for each, so that you can make an informed decision when applying for benefits.

Who Is Eligible for Supplemental Security Income?

While there are multiple federal benefits programs, Supplemental Security Income was created specifically for individuals over 65, blind or disabled to the point of being unable to work, and fit certain financial criteria. For the most part, you must be a United States citizen currently residing in the United States. If you’re eligible for other Social Security benefits, such as retirement programs, you must apply for those first. Don’t fret, however, there are many circumstances where you can receive funds from multiple programs at the same time. Also keep in mind if you’re applying for SSI based on a physical disability and the Social Security Administration offers rehabilitation services, you must accept them.

When it comes to the financial requirements, the Social Security Administration will take a close look at your situation before approving you for benefits. They’ll take into consideration your income, including salary, bonuses or 401K, and any Social Security benefits you’re already receiving. They’ll also look at your overall assets, property, bank accounts, and stock and bonds. A Social Security attorney can take a similar look at your situation before you apply to make sure you go to the Social Security office with the best possible case for benefits.

How Do I Apply for Supplemental Security Income?

If you are a disabled adult, you can apply fairly easily online. If you’re applying on behalf of a disabled child, or are a non-disabled senior over age 65, SSI applications are not available online. In those cases, you’ll need to apply in person at a local Social Security Administration branch or by calling the main Social Security Administration number and applying over the phone. Regardless of the method in which you apply, you’ll want to have a few key items ready, such as your Social Security card, birth certificate, information about your current residence, as many financial documents as possible (pay stubs, bank statements, mortgage statements, etc). Gathering the proper documents and getting them turned in on time can be a complex and stressful process but is absolutely key in getting your case approved. A Social Security attorney can work hand in hand with you to make sure every step is done correctly.

How Much Are Supplemental Security Income Payments?

Supplemental Security Income was created to be just that, supplemental. SSI is there to raise your monthly income up to a place that allows you to take care of your basic needs. The actual dollar amount you’ll receive upon approval depends heavily on what other sources of income you have and how much they are. If you have additional income, you’ll likely only qualify for a parietal amount. If you have no other source of income or have a family you’re responsible for, you will likely get the full amount. To learn more about the current SSI rates and eligibility factors, speak to an informed Fairhope Social Security lawyer today.

What Happens If My Application for Supplemental Security Income Is Denied?

While it’s possible to apply to SSI on your phone, the harsh truth is that many applications are denied. Upwards of 70%. Statistics, however, show that individuals who apply for benefits with the help of an experienced Social Security lawyer are nearly 300% more likely to get approved. And if you do get denied, the appeal process can be extremely confusing. If you just recently started considering Supplemental Security Income, an attorney can make sure your application contains all the needed information for you to be approved. Likewise, if you’ve been denied, our Social Security law firm can handle the appeal process for you, taking a difficult and confusing task off your plate. Call Walton Law LLC at 251-455-5819 and let us help you navigate the Social Security system and get you the benefits you deserve.


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