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There are several things you can do to help with your claim. The first and possibly most important thing you can do is to get regular medical attention. The Administrative law judge will rely, in large part, on the medical records and documentation to determine the severity of your condition/conditions and the related limitations. It is also important to be cooperative with your doctor, follow the doctor’s recommendations and take the medications as prescribed. Being able to see a doctor on a regular basis can be expensive when the funds are not available and you don’t have insurance. Fortunately, there are clinics in Mobile and surrounding areas that will see individuals for a small charge and some have programs that can help you get your medications at reduced costs. Other important things you can do are to avoid the use of illegal drugs and over indulging in alcohol. Make sure you also avoid run-ins with the law. Ultimately, your entire file will be reviewed by the Administrative Law Judge and issues with the use of illegal drugs, over use of alcohol and criminal activity could be viewed negatively by the judge who will decide if you are eligible for disability. Follow the advice of both your doctors and your attorney to ensure best results for your case.