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Disability Claims For Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health issues that people face, yet they can be among the most difficult to get disability benefits for. The Social Security Administration (SSA) requires very specific criteria in order for a person to qualify for disability based on these conditions.

How Is Anxiety Classified By The Social Security Administration?

The SSA considers anxiety a type of mental illness, and evaluates it according to the criteria in its “Blue Book.” This is a listing of all the medical conditions that qualify for disability benefits, along with the criteria an applicant must meet in order to receive them.

How Do You Qualify For Disability With Anxiety?

In order to qualify for disability based on anxiety, the applicant must show proof of a medically-determinable mental disorder that results in marked limitations in two areas (or one area, if it’s an extreme limitation) of daily life. These include activities such as social functioning, concentration, persistence or pace, and the ability to maintain hygiene.

In addition to these criteria, the SSA may require additional proof such as psychological reports and medical records. The SSA also requires that the anxiety-related symptoms be present for at least 12 consecutive months in order to qualify for disability benefits.

What If My Disability Claim Is Denied?

Once all of these criteria have been met, the applicant may still need to go through the appeals process if their claim is denied. Anxiety-related disability benefits are not always easy to obtain, and an applicant may need to provide additional evidence in order to secure their disability payments. To ensure the best possible outcome, applicants should work with a qualified disability attorney who can help guide them through the process.

A good lawyer will be familiar with the laws related to anxiety-related disabilities and will be able to build a strong case for the claimant’s disability. They will be aware of the necessary medical documentation and any other evidence that could be helpful in proving the applicant’s case. Additionally, an attorney will have experience dealing with the Social Security Administration and can provide valuable insight into how to best present a claim.

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