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Becoming disabled is a life-changing event, and there are programs and safeguards in place to provide financial assistance to those who are too disabled to work. One of those programs is Social Security Disability, which pays benefits to those who have gained enough work experience throughout the course of their career.

Applying for benefits can be difficult and overwhelming, but don’t let that dissuade you from applying. You have paid into these benefits throughout your career, and you deserve to use them when you need them. Learn more about applying for SSD in Robertsdale, and for more personalized advice, contact Walton Law at 251-455-5819.

Qualifying Work

Figuring out whether or not you qualify for SSD in Robertsdale is perhaps the biggest challenge during the application process. There are two components: your work history and your disability. Your work history determines whether or not you can even access the benefits you’re requesting.

To apply for SSD, you must have 40 “credits” of work, 20 of which must be from the 10 years prior to your disability. You earn up to four credits per year. The amount of money you must earn for a credit changes each year; in 2020, you earn a credit for earning $1,410. You can only earn a maximum of four credits per year. If you are injured younger than 24, you must have six credits earned during the three years before you became disabled. Up to age 31, the requirement is half of the time that has passed since you turned 21.

Qualifying Disabilities

The other aspect of qualifying for disability payments is proving that you are disabled. The Social Security Administration has a fairly rigorous system for determining whether or not an individual is disabled. Using the SSA Listing of Impairments, an individual can figure out whether or not they have a condition that qualifies for benefits. Conditions are categorized into 13 separate groups, and each condition has specific testing and symptom requirements that must be met.

Even if your disability is not specifically listed in the Listing of Impairments, you could still receive benefits. The Blue Book, as the Listing of Impairments is called, is simply an easy way to determine automatically whether or not someone is disabled. If you can demonstrate that you are too disabled to work, your application could still get approved. However, plan to provide plenty of documentation and medical records supporting the extent of your disability.

To receive benefits, your disability must leave you unable to do substantial work. It must also be likely to last (or have lasted) one year or longer.

How SSD Pays Recipients

The money that the SSA pays out to SSD recipients actually comes from the recipients themselves. Every time you work, a small amount of Social Security tax is taken from your paycheck. Additionally, your employer pays an equal amount into your own fund. This money is (in theory) set aside until you qualify for Social Security benefits.

As an aside, there really is no separate account were Social Security funds go. They are mixed in with the general funds that are collected by our treasury and used to fund our federal budget.

Mental Health Disability Benefits

One question that regularly comes up during disability consultations is whether or not mental health conditions qualify an individual for disability benefits. It may be more difficult to prove a mental health issue, since physical tests often do not demonstrate the extent of an illness, but it is possible.

The Blue Book has several categories that describe mental health disorders. If your diagnosis is listed, you may receive benefits if you meet the diagnostic requirements. This is the same as it is for physical illnesses. For example, if you suffer from an anxiety disorder, you have to demonstrate that you have an approved symptom that impairs your ability to work.

How to Apply for SSD in Robertsdale, AL

Preparation is key when you are applying for SSD. The disability application checklist ensures that you have everything you need for your disability interview. It’s an extensive list, so set aside some time to gather the necessary documents.

You can begin your application online or over the phone. Many people find it easier to apply online.

After your application is submitted, you will undergo a disability interview. During the interview, they will determine whether or not you qualify for benefits.

From start to finish, it often takes three to five months to get a decision regarding your benefits. If you are denied, don’t worry. You can still appeal the decision. In fact, many people who ultimately do receive benefits are first denied.

Working with a disability attorney throughout the application or appeal process can save time, help you gather your information more quickly, and create the strongest application possible. In many cases, denials occur because applicants simply do not provide enough information in their initial application. This is a problem that’s easily fixed with the help of a disability attorney.

Since our law firm focuses exclusively on disability cases, we have helped many clients who have been denied benefits get approved for SSD. Our goal is to help every single deserving applicant get the benefits they are owed. We understand the stress that comes with accumulating bills, and we want to help you get the benefits you deserve as quickly as possible.

When you choose Walton Law, you benefit from our long history of successful SSD and SSI cases. We’ll look over your application and look for ways to make it stronger. Taking a little bit of extra time on your application can help you save time and get access to your money much quicker.

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Have you been denied for disability in Robertsdale or are you just starting the application process? Whichever situation you are currently in, having legal assistance can minimize your stress levels and help you move through this process as quickly as possible. The team at Walton Law is here to help. No matter where you are in the application process, we’ll meet with you, discuss your situation, and help you move forward. To get started, call us now at 251-455-5819 or get in touch with us online.


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