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The process for applying for SSI and SSD can be quite complicated. An attorney can help at all stages including filing the initial application, through the appeal process, at the hearing stage and beyond. The initial application notifies the Social Security Administration that you are filing a claim and believe that you are disabled. Social Security will process the application and make their initial decision with 90-120 days. If denied, you must file an appeal called a Request for Hearing within 60 days of being denied. Then you must wait until your claim is scheduled for a hearing. Currently, the Mobile Social Secuirty office takes about 13-14 months to schedule a hearing after you file the Request of Hearing. Once your case is scheudled a hearing will be held before an Administrative Law Judge and a written decision will usually be issued with 30-90 days of your hearing. With Social Security approval rates at historic lows it is important to get experienced representation to help you through the process and advocate on your behalf.