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Things You Can Do to Help Your Social Security Disability Claim


Whether you’ve just started applying for Social Security benefits or you’ve received a denial letter that’s left you frustrated, it’s no secret that getting Social Security disability benefits can be a time-consuming process. However, you don’t have to go through this process just guessing at what the SSA wants. By taking a few extra steps to strengthen your application and claim, you can give yourself a better chance at getting approved.

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Make Sure You Meet All Deadlines

If your application was rejected because of missing paperwork or you have a deadline to appeal the SSA’s decision, stay on top of the deadlines you’ve been given. Often, these turnaround times are very short.

Missing a deadline may mean that you have to start from the very beginning to have your application considered, which often adds months to your wait time. This doesn’t mean that there’s no flexibility. If you have a valid reason that you can’t make the deadline given to you, you can contact the Social Security Administration and ask for an extension.

Additionally, ensure that you are giving the SSA everything they are asking for. If they denied your application for a specific reason and requested more documentation, take the extra time to make sure you are giving them everything they’ve requested. Otherwise, you risk another automatic denial.

Include All Relevant Medical Documentation

Social Security disability applicants often underestimate just how much documentation is involved in a successful claim. If you see multiple specialists for your condition, it might seem like overkill to include the same information from every specialist. That isn’t the case when you’re applying for disability benefits.

Having supporting documentation from multiple care providers strengthens the validity of your claim and may make it easier for you to get approved. When you’re deciding what to include or not include in your application, opt to include everything that is relevant to your diagnosis and your ability to work.

Follow Your Doctor’s Recommended Appointment and Treatment Schedule

The Social Security Administration wants applicants to work if they are able to do so. This means that your documentation should show that you are doing everything in your power to treat your illness or injury.

If your file shows that you regularly miss checkup appointments, fail to follow through on physical therapy or other treatment options, or otherwise take no interest in treating your disorder, that will raise a red flag for the Social Security Administration. They will likely expect you to exhaust all of your possible treatment options before you receive disability benefits.

Document Symptoms and Issues That Prevent You from Working

It’s easy to forget how your disability impacts you on a daily basis when it’s just part of your everyday life. That’s why we recommend writing down the small details that highlight the effects of your disability.

If you have to leave work early because your injury is causing significant pain, jot that down. If your workplace writes you up because your disability has limited your productivity, make a note of that. If your pain levels have caused a noticeable decrease in the quality of your work, document that.

Maintain an Open Line of Communication

Whether you are working with a Social Security advocate or an attorney, make sure you stay in regular contact with them. They are your connection to the SSA, and they always know what your next step is.

If there’s anything you could be doing to strengthen your application or speed up the process, they will be able to guide you through it. Make sure you answer their calls or return calls promptly, provide requested information in a timely manner, and otherwise do everything you can to help them help you.

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