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Per the Social Security Administration, there are nearly 10 million people receiving Social Security disability benefits. This includes disabled workers, disabled widows and widowers, and disabled adult children. Across this population, you’ll find a wide array of diagnoses and health issues. However, there are some diagnoses and injuries that come up again and again in approved applications.

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Musculoskeletal Issues

Many approved claims involve musculoskeletal issues and disorders, which are listed under section 1.00 of the Social Security Administration Listing of Impairments. Some of the diagnoses in this category include all skeletal spine disorders with a compromised nerve root and lumbar spinal stenosis. These disorders commonly cause severe and unrelenting back pain, a very common reason for individuals to stop working and seek disability benefits.

Other common diagnoses in this category include amputations for any cause, pathologic fractures, and abnormalities of major joints. Major joint abnormalities result in chronic pain or stiffness, abnormal immobility, an anatomical abnormality, and physical limitations, such as those caused by arthritis. It’s obvious how this type of disorder could negatively impact a person’s ability to work.

Respiratory Problems

Employees may develop respiratory problems because of genetic issues, exposure to toxins in everyday life, or exposure to dangerous chemicals in the workplace. Some of the most common disorders listed in this part of the Listing of Impairments include asthma, chronic respiratory disorders, and respiratory failure. Respiratory issues often require intensive intervention and require substantial rest, so it’s clear why someone with chronic respiratory problems may need disability benefits.

Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, leading to nearly 700,000 deaths per year. Because of this, it should come as no surprise that heart problems are among the most common reasons people seek SSDI benefits. Among the disorders in this category, you’ll find chronic heart failure, congenital heart disease, ischemic heart disease, and heart transplants.


Found under section 9.00 of the Blue Book, diabetes is considered an endocrine disorder. While people may seek benefits for Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, Type 2 is somewhat more common. This is because Type 2 diabetes is generally caused by unhealthy lifestyle habits and can be managed through improved diet, more exercise, and caloric restriction. Untreated or poorly managed diabetes can often lead to more serious health problems, hence the need for disability benefits.

Digestive System Disorders

Digestive disorders impact your absorption of nutrients, how frequently you use the restroom, and how much energy you actually get from your food. Even a person who eats a well-balanced diet with enough calories can become malnourished and weak with a digestive disorder, which leaves them unable to work. Even if a digestive order does not cause lasting issues, it may require a person to leave their work if it makes them spend so much time in the restroom that they cannot perform their job duties.

Injuries Caused by Accidents

Whether a patient is injured in the workplace, in a car accident, or in some other type of incident, serious injuries may occur. If these injuries are expected to require at least one year of rest before full recovery can be reached, SSDI benefits may be necessary. In some circumstances, these injuries lead to permanent damage to one’s ability to work.

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